New edition of Tennessee Research

In the 1970’s, my colleague Afton E. Reintjes, spent every summer in Tennessee.  She worked for a group of clients whose ancestors lived for generations in Tennessee.  And she visited almost every courthouse–for the original records– and every public library–with a genealogy collection–in that state.  And in the surrounding states.  One client flew her from place to place in his own private plane.  She talked to and research the collections of local genealogists  in each area.  She interviewed living relatives to determine where their families came from.  She examined their personal genealogy documents.  And she became the authority on Tennessee.

In person, at genealogy seminars, and through the mail, she and I sold many copies of her book on Tennessee Research.   But, the addresses have changed.  And the record locations are different.  And there are new indexes.  And websites where record images and maps appear.

So we are re-writing the book for 2010.  And adding some key things that Afton did not include in the original edition:

  1. Like checklists of manuscript collections and where you will find them.
  2. Like actual migration patterns of families–following  in the footsteps of others or blazing their own trails that your families might have taken.
  3. Like family kinship networks that have already been tracked or identified.

With luck, a preliminary version of this new edition will be available at the Family History Expo, Dixie Center, St George UT, at the end of February 2010.  [WOW! next week]  If not, then at the North Orange County Annual Seminar, 13 March 2010, at the Brea United Methodist Church, Brea CA.  Whether or not you attend these events, you can order the book directly from me. Check my Home Page for contact stuff.

I, personally,  am excited and happy at getting this new edition completed while Afton is still available to participate in it.  And you will be too–because Afton Reintjes knows where “all the bodies are buried.”    Your favorite Tennessee genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  This preliminary version will cost $25.00 per copy +  $4.00 postage.  Order your copy while you can get this price.

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