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Genealogy Evidence Blog:
28 Aug 2012   American Military Bounty Lands
20 Sep 2012   3,000 Pages of American Women in the Revolutionary War
28 Sep 2012  Who Fought the American Revolution?  Part I–Career Soldiers
3 Oct 2012   Who Fought the American Revolution?  Part II–Americans  Who Supported the King
4 Oct 2012   Who Fought the American Revolution?  Part III–Local and Secret Partners
18 Oct 1012  Who Fought the American Revolution?  Part IV–Troop Strength Bolstered by Mercenaries and Soldiers of Fortune
Virginia Blog:
26 Sep 2006  Why Bounty Lands are Essential for Virginia Genealogy
19 Oct 2012  American Independence:  Yorktown Surrender of British Troops
New York Blog:
2 Mar 2002  New York and the  Revolution
28 Aug 2012  Mercenaries in the American Revolution:  Hessian Troops in New York
Tennessee Blog:
17 Mar 2009  17 Mar 1775:  Treaty of Sycamore Shoals–A Pivotal Event in our Genealogy Past
20 June 2009  Connect Your Tennessee Ancestors to Origins in North Carolina–Exact Proof!
18 July 2009  Indirect or Circumstantial Proof…the Case of Thomas Gist
26 Aug 2009  Military Evidence for Tennessee Ancestors
5 Jan 2013  New Website for Tennessee Genealogy Origins–including the Battle of King’s Mountain

I have put a lot of information  on my website recently–tied to finding ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War.  The above blogs will give you entree to some of the most important.  Check them out–then attend my presentation on Why the Revolutionary War is Important for your Genealogy at the St George Family History Expo 22-23 Feb 2013 at the Dixie Center on 1835 Convention Drive, St George UT.  I’m not the only presenter by any means.  And this presentation is clearly worth the cost of admittance.  For FREE, you can come by my booth in the Exhibit Hall and chat about your hardest to find ancestor–I’ll be happy to talk with you.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  The post on my Tennessee Blog, 5 Jan 2013, leads you to a new online database for Kings Mountain Veterans.  I invite you to check it out if you missed it.

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