Sun Glasses and your Tennessee Genealogy

Sun Glasses and your Tennessee Genealogy…

A letter of invitation from Arlene Eakle to attend the Northern Colorado Family History Expo held at the Embassy Suites Conference Center on I-25, Loveland CO 24-25 June 2011. I am just one of many speakers on the menu for your selection.  However, I am going to present you with a gift in my sessions for Southern Research—and Tennessee is the hardest state in the South!–Sun Glasses to find your ancestors.

My grandson had his 14th birthday and I gave him a new set of sun glasses.  These sun glasses will enable him to see the fish in the water!

You see, my grandson is a fisherman of considerable experience–with an array of poles for different kinds of fish.  But, he didn’t have those kind that can see the fish.  He was delighted with his new glasses.  He certainly looked cool in them.

What if…

What if… I could give you sun glasses that enables you to see and distinguish your hard-to-find ancestor in the documents?  Among the billions of entries included online at just two sites: and In the printed books and indexes available now for Tennessee?  And in the original documents–which are so numerous that you will never live long enough to search them all.

Genealogy Research Strategies=Sun Glasses.  I plan to give you strategy after strategy that I know work–so you will have several pairs of sun glasses to find your ancestors.

When I confront a problem genealogy, my first question is:  what genealogy research strategy has not yet been applied to this ancestor?

1. Not what source shall I examine first…

2. Not what locality can I check first…

3. Nor even which strategy from my arsenal is the best one to apply first…

Don’t you know…I get only the hardest-to-find ancestors to search for–the toughest research problems you cannot solve yourself.  And I am okay with that.  Searching for tough guys, and gals on pedigrees has honed my strategies to sharpness.

When you have already searched a lot of sources–even if all you have done is check the online databases–you have only scratched the surface of the records available to search for your difficult pedigree forebears.

So, an arsenal of strategies could be the sun glasses you need to see your ancestors.   And I have such an arsenal ready to share with you at the Northern Colorado Family History Expo!  You just have to register

And sign up for my sun glasses on Migration :

  • How Did My Ancestors Get into Pennsylvania and How Can I Document Them? We’ll explore together the many resources that Pennsylvania has–that no other state has!  And, by popular request, I will have a brand NEW book available on Pennsylvania research. It is called Pennsylvania Basic Sources. And it, too, includes strategies that will work on your hard-to-find ancestors. Once you put on these sun glasses!
  • British Isles Migration Patterns to America. Did you know…?  That the majority of settlers who came to America before the American Revolution were from England?  Then Scotland?  Then Wales?  Then Ireland–including both the Catholic Irish and the Protestant Scots-Irish? If you have given up on crossing the Ocean with your English ancestors, you need these sun glasses.
  • Migration Records and Sources Specific to the Old South.  This is a NEW class–we’ll examine together records that by-pass the many courthouse losses which the Old South experienced.  And you will discover some surprises in the case studies I intend to share.  Southern genealogy research is difficult, no matter what background your ancestors were.  These sun glasses will open your eyes to new data!

Will I see you there? Register now (if you are not already sighed on) at

And keep posted to my blogs–Genealogy News Sheet, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, New York, and my new Scots-Irish blog about to be launched.   The next several issues will include some powerful genealogy strategies that work on tough ancestors.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS Watch also for the Table of Contents for my new guide to Pennsylvania Basic Sources (and Strategies).  It will be finished and printed on Monday so I have copies for the Colorado Circuit Family History Expos in North Platte NE, Rapid City SD, Sheridan WY, and Loveland CO.  I’m speaking on Pennsylvania at the Northern Colorado Expo in Loveland.  Will I see you there?


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