New Website for Tennessee Genealogy Origins

In November 2012, I drove on a diagonal Interstate across Tennessee from Chattanooga, through Nashville, to the western Kentucky border with tears in my eyes–I could not stop.  I was in a newly repaired, very old truck and I had just a few hours to get home.  What a wrenching experience that was for me!  Never before, and I hope never again, will that occur.  Tennessee is one of my favorite places to research onsite.

New Website for Tennessee Research–Revolutionary War Times

Here is a new website for Tennessee, including the Battle of Kings Mountain and the area called South of the French Broad River: 

This website includes new rosters for the Battle of Kings Mountain, with newly transcribed pension files based on the original documents available through and

New bibliographies, recommended by scholars of the Battle and its participants.  New descriptions of the Battle.  And comparative lists of participants with analysis and pension numbers so you can see for yourself who actually fought and the evidence on which their claims were  based.

This what you need–new, clear evidence on which to base your family tree.  Carefully studied by dedicated researchers.  Check it out and break your losing streak.  Your favorite Tennessee genealogist, Arlene Eakle   http://arleneeakle

PS  I Goggled the website and got a list of all the links so I could check them out one by one.  I also set up an RSS feed for all updates.

PSS  Stay tuned.  You will not want to miss even one of my exciting posts in 2013–with new checklists, and new source lists, and new example documents that you have not yet searched for your own ancestors.  Lots of research going on for Tennessee ancestors–with startling and new genealogy results.

PPSS  Stay tuned.  The above website comes from a blog reader who shared his information when I posed a question–“I’m one of those…” he said.  And we are all richer for his sharings.  Many thanks Fred.

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