The following announcement letter includes a link for the Introduction to this very important new book for Tennessee–so I have included it here.

From: “The Book Foundry” <steve@thebookfoundry.comSubject: The First Southwest: Volume 3 of the Cumberland Settlements Series

Dear Reader,  Our work is nearing completion on The First Southwest, Volume 3 in the Cumberland Settlements series. Since you have been a supporter of our work, I wanted to share the introduction to the book to give you a taste of things to come. Please note that it has not been through our design process so it may appear a little rough.  Pre-publishing sales will begin in the next few weeks

For more information about the content of The First Southwest please visit

Thanks you for your gracious comments. Your appreciation for Founding of the Cumberland Settlements, Thoroughfare for Freedom, and the supplemental material* have made it an incredibly gratifying project.

Click here to download the illustrated introduction to The First Southwest.

Sincerest regards,  Steve Giddens  (615-330-9013),  On behalf of Warioto Press, Jack Masters, and Bill Puryear

P.S. Our renowned artist friend, David Wright, is creating a new piece to grace the cover of The First Southwest and we are eagerly anticipating the results.
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*  The supplemental material includes 2 volumes of reproductions of land surveys with notes and maps.  An every-name index leads you to those early Tennessee ancestors who settled Middle Tennessee.  And access to these valuable documents enables you to by-pass the record loss in these middle colonies.

Your favorite Tennessee genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  The search for sources that by-pass the county record losses continues.  And while the above records cover mostly Middle Tennessee, they dip down into South Carolina, up into Virginia and Maryland, and move across the line into Kentucky reaching all the way into central Ohio.  Not to mention West into Missouri and Arkansas.  Tennesseans in the middle counties have relationship ties far beyond the boundaries of that district.  Break your losing streak!

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