Immersion in Tennessee Stuff–a minisode

For the past few days, I have immersed myself in Tennessee records, Tennessee history, Tennessee ancestors–in short, in Tennessee Stuff.  You know the Southern word, “stuff”–pronounced with a slow drawl as if the word were spelled with ten u’s instead of just one, don’t you?

My apologies for such a break in this blog.  But a wise reader said I was better off saying nothing than using filler that wastes readers’ time…or words to that effect.  So I needed some time to fully organize my six linear shelves of Tennessee collectings (not including my books).

You get the payoff, hopefully, in new sources to search, new references to check, new libraries to visit, new ancestors to find.  Please stay tuned, I have some great stuff to share.  Your favorite Tennessee genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  A current ad for Home Depot tells us to “…turn our doing dials up a notch.”  Sounds like good advice for genealogists too.  Genealogy activity is down everywhere–even online.  BIG MISTAKE.

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