Melungeons: Examining an Appalachian Legend

Pat Spurlock Elder, former editor of the Melungeon section of The Appalachian Quarterly, has updated her book on the Melungeons:  Examining an Appalachian Legend (Blountville TN:  Continuity Press, 2004).  This is Revision Five–more than 400 pages of specific genealogy information!

Including Core-group Surnames:  Collins; Gibson/Gipson.

And secondary Core-group Surnames: Bell; Boling/Bowling/Bolen/Bolden/Bolton; Bunch; Denham/Denhan/Denning/Denny/Denton; Goins and variants; Miner/Minor; Mullins; Williams

And separate sections on these families:  Adkins/Atkins; Baldwin; Barnes; Bean/Been; Bragan/Brogan; Branham/Brannam; Cole; Delp; Fields; Gibbens/Gibbons; Goodman Gorvan/Gorven; Graham; Haile/Hale; Hambrick/Hammrick/Hamrick; Ivey; Jones; Lawson; Louvin/Loven/Lovin/Loving; Lucas; Maloney,Melons; Mise/Mize; Miser/ Mizer; Moore; Moseley/Mosley; Nichols/Nicholas; Noel; Piniore; Sexton; Sizemore; Sweat/Sweet; Sweeney/Swiney; Wright.

And Surname listings for mixed-blood, Indian, African, African/American, Mulatto, and Free Persons of Color, white surnames in Melungeon neighborhoods; and Signers of the Cumberland Compact–30 pages.

And an extensive bibliography of books, manuscripts, microforms, newspapers, and private papers–18 pages.

If you have hard-to-find ancestors in any part of the Appalachian Triangle–Eastern Kentucky, Southwestern Virginia, Northeastern Tennessee, and Western North Carolina–you must buy and read or get your library to buy so you can read this book.  Your favorite Tennessee genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS You will also benefit by reading the issues of the Appalachian Quarterly published by the Wise County Genealogical Society, 206 E Main St, # 250  Wise, VA 24293,

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