Tennessee Survey Records:

“Thanks a million for taking the time to review the series FOUNDING OF THE CUMBERLAND SETTLEMENTS on your Tennessee blog!  I’ve ordered the entire set, hoping that it will provide me with additional clues for further research on my DAVIS line of which you’re quite familiar.  Years ago I adopted the genealogical research motto ‘The impossible just takes longer!’, and continue to keep an eagle eye open for “new” references such as this.” Donald Martin

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Tennessee has suffered substantial county records loss. One way to bypass this loss is the use of survey records. The Warioto Press supplies indexed images and much more. Each atlas volume maps the locations of the surveys and provides militia lists, settler’s petitions, and short bios of the principal players in each area of Middle Tennessee–BEGIN your research with these volumes and read all of the text–Introductions, Chapter descriptions, footnotes, and bibliographies.

Warioto Press Publications for Middle Tennessee:
The First Southwest: the Third Atlas, the Cumberland and Duck River settlements. Jack Masters & Bill Puryear. Book with Digital Images. Gallatin TN: Warioto Press, 2012. 302 pp.

2. Founding of the Cumberland Settlements: the First Atlas 1779-1804: showing who came, how they came, and where they put down roots.
Doug Drake, Jack Masters & Bill Puryear, Book with CD. Gallatin TN: Warioto Press, 2009. 236 pp.

3. Land Grant Genealogy: North Carolina Warrants, Surveys, and Surveyor Plats 1779-1804. Data Supplement 3. Jack Masters & Bill Puryear. Book with CD.
Gallatin TN: Warioto Press, 2011. 604 pp. All of Rutherford, Williamson, and Wilson Counties; remainder of Davidson and Smith Counties; part of Cannon, Cheatham, DeKalb, Jackson, Putnam, Sumner, and Trousdale Counties.

4. Land Grant Genealogy: North Carolina Warrants, Surveys, and Surveyor Plats. Jack Masters & Bill Puryear. Gallatin TN: Warioto Press, 2012. 562 pp.
All of Bedford, Dickson, Marshall, and Maury Counties; remainder of Cheatham and Montgomery Counties; most of Hickman, Houston, and Stewart Counties; part of Coffee, Giles, Humphreys, and Lincoln Counties.

5. Thoroughfare for Freedom: the Second Atlas of the Cumberland settlements, 1779-1804. Jack Masters & Bill Puryear. Gallatin TN: Warioto Press, 2011. 255 pp.

Stay tuned for research help in East Tennessee. Your favorite Tennessee genealogist, Arlene Eakle http://arleneeakle.com

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