The Great Civil War Sesquicentennial–150 Years in Remembrance

Radical Republicans are hostile to Lincoln’s policies, fearing that they do not
provide sufficient protection for ex-slaves, that the 10% amnesty plan is not
strict enough, and that Southern states should demonstrate more significant
efforts to eradicate the slave system before being allowed back into the Union.
Consequently, Congress refuses to recognize the governments of Southern states,
or to seat their elected representatives. Instead, legislators begin to work on their
own Reconstruction plan, which will emerge in July as the Wade-Davis Bill.
Congress now understands the Confederacy to be the face of a deeply rooted
cultural system antagonistic to the principles of a “free labor” society. Many fear
that returning home rule to such a system amounts to accepting secession state by
state and opening the door for such malicious local legislation as the Black Codes
that eventually emerge. [Hunt]
Jan. 1
TN:  Skirmish at Dandridge.
Jan. 2
TN: Skirmish at LaGrange.  Nashville is in the grip of a smallpox epidemic,
which will carry off a large number of soldiers, contraband workers, and city residents.
It will be late March before the epidemic runs its course.
Gentle Reader of this Tennessee Blog:  The year 2014 will see the commemoration of a grim and weighty year–1864
in the national history of the United States
in the regional history of the South
in the state history of Tennessee
in the specific history of ancestors whose emotional ties to Tennessee were never fully cut–even when those ancestors left Tennessee for Illinois, Iowa, Oregon, and California. City Council meetings in the West may still align commitment of time and resources against these traditions.

Let me suggest some resources to actually study and learn more about this important year–
__newspaper accounts which are now available online as never before
__  timelines from actual postings on Google (like the one above) and postings on a wide variety of websites public and private
__current work of scholars on their own ancestors and other important players in Civil War history–including enactors who will be very busy this year to prevent knowledge of this great War from disappearing from our memory.

In 2014, as our own Congress and representatives appear to be enmeshed in a civil war of their own, let’s not lose sight of the purpose of government in the first place–to secure justice, domestic tranquility, common defense, general welfare, and blessings of liberty.
“If, to please the people, we offer what we ourselves disapprove, how can we afterwards defend our work?  Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair.  The event is in the hand of God.”  (Geo. Washington, Constitutional Convention)
Your favorite Tennessee genealogist, Arlene Eakle
PS  A hesitant New Year can be replaced with a robust harvest of Tennessee ancestors–stay tuned!  Resources galore now available.


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